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Customers Cars... just a few!

Electric tech
  The Fast EBike

We used a Perm Motor from Germany
48V 110A   5.97KW of Power Spinning at 2300rpm  This motor is able to do 72v 110A 7.22KW of Power spinning at 3480rpm

The batteries are weak sauce but the ebike was using 4 PC680 Odyssey Lead Acid  units.
12v     16ah    14.8 lbs

Direct drive single chain with a nice combo of rear and front sprocket. we used a special design and sprocket to apply pressure to the chain to remain tight. We built a gear for the motors output shaft with bike chain sprocket. FASTEST: 63MPH Our new battery packs and 72v should be interesting.

Our new batteries which are available for purchase are sold in 48v and 72v packs. The new technology allows 15-30min recharge times and 10x the life of normal Lithium-ion batteries. This Nanophosphate cell can take almost 7000 charge cycles if you dont drop below 20% cell storage. These new units also reduce the chance of fire as the Nanophosphate is much more stable then flammable Lithium Ion batteries. These are so powerful. Max power out of the cell (10 sec) 345Watt Min charge time 15min 3.3V nominal 2.3Ah internal resistor 10 miliohm Charge to 3.6V cc-cv Max charge current 10A Max discharge current (10sec) 140A Max continuous discharge current 70A


Garage Sale

One 5858 dual ball bearing with billet wheel INSTOCK $1449 shipped/insured. T3 .64AR hot side 4bolt. 4" S cover with 2.5"outlet .70AR 620HP 1 Year Warranty from Precision! Comes with FREE 4" coupler and stainless Tbolts for your intake
Honda Turbo Manifold

Nissan 240sx S13 1990
  Video of this Nissan getting a bit sideways

Sponsored Drivers
  Mike Feiock - Mazda FC RX7 - um red orange mess

RE 13B
Neukin Open T4 manifold and TiAL 44mm

Sponsors: XOWii Energy Drink and NEUKIN Power: 400hp
More Info:

Rob Fosnaugh - Mazda FC Widebody- Red

Neukin Vmount
Divided Neukin Manifold
Full Neukin Cage
TiAL bov
60mm Wastegate, will be trying Precision turbos new 46mm wastegate PTE-085-2000 PW46 PTE
Garrett GT4082 Turbo, will be trying the PT6765SP turbo soon in a open manifold
Ksport Track Coilovers
FuelSafe Tank
Dual Walbro
Diamond Wheels covered in Hoosiers

Sponsors: neukin.com

Power: 450whp 380lbs tq

Derek King - Nissan S13 Coupe - Spark Pink Madness

Neukin Vmount
Garrett T25


More Info: Derek King Drifting

Alex Neumann - Nissan S13 Hatch - Cream

Neukin Vmount
power steering relocation
Bottom mount manifold
Full cage
Synapse Engineering BOV
Synapse 50mm Wastegate
Precision SC50 Turbo
Kaaz 2way
Megan Track Coilovers
Suspension adjustment

Sponsors: neukin.com and Synapse Engineering

Power: 250wrhp 240wrtq

Jonathan Voskinarian ( Vosko )- Nissan S13 Coupe- Sexy babe Blue

Neukin Bottom Mount Manifold
power steering relocation

TiAL 44mm wastegate
TD06 Turbo
Suspension adjustment

Sponsors: neukin.com

Power: 377wrhp 357rwtq

More Info:Vosko Drifting

Chuck Mcmillion ( Im on a boat )- Subaru STi- Deep dark Black/Red Pig

Neukin Battery Kit
catback (4" tube with turn down) Stocker Turbo
Suspension adjustment

Sponsors: Turn in Concepts and neukin.com

Power: 300awhp 320awtq

More Info:
SCCA FTD Ganster

Caleb Nichols - Nissan 240sx S14 - Dark Red Mayhem

Neukin Vmount Kit
KaZZ Diff
Precision PT5557 Billet Wheel
Neukin bottom mount
Full Neukin Cage

Sponsors: neukin.com, Fort Wayne Classifieds Jasper Daily


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