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Neukin Motor Development LLC
DREAM.BUILD.RACE The progression is used to show you how ideas and dreams evolve into something more at Neukin.

Neukin started in 2004. Though trial and error we started to design and build parts testing variables until we are happy with the results. Throughout the years we have gained first hand skills and developed from those to improve our products and offer more than your used to. We always strive to provide a product we would be excited to bolt to our race machine. Thinking outside the normal constraints is our goal to providing something new and innovative.

Neukin 399 RiverBend CT Fort Wayne IN 46803 Only doing catch cans and have done a few RX7 Manifolds since we lost everything. Using a clients shop as needed to get parts fabricated. No new address, just doing a few things here and there on the side, most of the items on the site have no price because we are not building them anymore do to loss of fixtures. This website and company is for sale if your interested. I would be able to help develop fixtures and jigs for most of these parts very fast if we have the chassis and funds to invest in doing so.

You can now use google maps to find us, just type NEUKIN on google maps and scope us out!

Email us: Please send a few emails if you dont get a response on one given day, we get alot of emails and if you just re-forward the message I will see it and get back with you.

LIFETIME WARRANTY on manifolds for the original buyer only! Once the manifold is sold on or off a car there is no warranty. Original owner only has to pay shipping both ways for a fix or new manifold depending on what we think is best. Sold over 600+ units and we have only heard of about 5-6 crack out of the first 200 ever made (2003-2005) while we were gaining skill and knowledge! For the past 2-3 years we have not had one come back! There are NO refunds, these parts are custom built for you, your funds are used to build your parts and once we start and restock flanges, cores or materials there is no payment left. If for some reason we have good reason to help you and offer a refund there is a 10% refund fee due to lost funds or needing to push your order on ebay to recoup the funds. This refund is not immediate and dependent on when we can recoup funds to help you.