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Welcome to Neukin. We specialize in turbo manifolds and turbo kit components. Custom turbo manifolds, oil catch cans, radiators, and intercoolers. In house fabrication of custom race parts and chassis preparation. Our knowledge in turbo systems helps lay the way to better performance and faster times. Its our passion to DREAM BUILD RACE...1000+ turbo manifolds shipped all over Earth the last 12 years and not one back for warranty for 8 years now!

CURRENT DELAY: July 2016: 5-20days. some Catch Cans instock, few classic manifolds are still listed with prices, using a clients shop on a per order basis. Unable to offer all these products after loosing everything to a fire in Aug. 2013. This site and trademark are for sale..

If you dont see your application, contact us.. chances are we have that in development or have already shipped a few and are awaiting your contact.

Neukin Street Oil Catch Can Neukin qp Honda B16 B18 D16 H22 Turbo Manifold
Our Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $75.00
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Our Price: $775.00
Neukin Oil Catch Can Neukin qp Honda B16 B18 D16 Turbo Manifold
Summer Special!

Helps catch oil fragments that exit the valve cover. Two -10an bungs on top for inlet and one -6an on bottom for drain. This unit features a 1.3" (35mm) filter tube/inlet. Filter is twist lock our own design to lower weight, lower height and look cleaner. The twist lock filter can be used to open the oil catch can fast and check fluid depth or collection so you know when you empty. Basic baffle inside to direct oil down adn prevent splash upward on filter if road racing or the like. Made in Indiana USA

For more hardcore race applications its normal to weld two bungs to the valve cover. Those bungs unless custom are none baffled. These bungs will catch alot of oil. If you are going this route you will want the race catchcan as its volume is larger and ment for more airflow.
Neukin Open T3 or T4 Bottom mount for 400HP+
Works with Non AC, short radiator, and power steer. Wastegate out the front can interfere with tall intercoolers on EF 89-91 chassis, wastegate on elbow is a option. Best option for your ramhorn B16 B18 or D16 turbo manifold choice. There is also a H22 version with wastegate out the side rather then front. The h22 is $75 more. The h22 manifold requires runners 1 and 4 to be longer then our d and b manifold to clear the hood and drop collector under the alternator in front. The H22 manifold ends up being a true equal length manifold as this matches length to runners 2 and 3.  H22 we offer no downpipe or dumptube for this manifold due to crossmember variables on your cars. The Neukin civic turbo manifold or Integra turbo manifold has sold all over the world.

This manifold has outsold everything we have ever made. Started over 6 years ago all on a forum.

Neukin Racing NEWS!!!!

New oil catch can being built. You can check out the new site selling these units. http://www.oil-catch-can.com/ Below is a link to check it out. Our new street and race versions are better then ever. With clean -10an fittings and -6an drain. The larger 1.375" filter inlet and clean design offer a lifetime of perfect looks and service. Whether its for a all motor setup, turbo or supercharger you can easily prevent the oil from going into your intake and messing with your air to fuel ratio. Most guys run two fitting from the valve cover to the front two bungs on the oil catch can. The near 30oz capacity will keep your fluid at bay until you can drain. The clean welded in Indiana catch can just shows what type of person you are and how you like quality and made in America manufactured parts. Thanks for checking it out and if you order.. THANK YOU so very much. Good luck racing this year! Oil-Catch-Can Website for Race Oil Catch Can! oil catch can

A recent warehouse fire spread from another building and burnt down our whole shop destroying everything inside. This was a large loss and I need your help to get some tools and things back up and running! Thanks so much for anything you can donate below! Its hard to think 9 years of fixtures, tools and machines are gone, but we can focus funds on whats needed now and rebuild. The shop was home to electric car innovation, battery design, solar panel integration and countless other innovative ideas that were not released or finished. Please keep the engineering, fast prototype and cost effective fabrication options open to internet and local Fort Wayne community. Email me about the product your interested in before ordering because of delay. You can also go here to donate --> http://www.gofundme.com/40lm2k

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Oil Catch Can

Our Price: $159.00
Sale Price: $149.00
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Neukin Race Oil Catch Can
Summer Sale!

Helps catch oil fragments that exit the valve cover. The stock bung on the valve cover is normally baffled to prevent oil from exiting. Sometimes even if you use the stock valve cover breather hole oil fragments will exit and enter the intake or exit on your engine or ground depending on your setup.

This is the original race oil catch can. As the years went by we have so many requests for changes or additions. If you order without mods it comes as pictured and your good to go. If you want changes.... You can add a small note like "Drain on front" add notes then add to cart. Options like a extra bung on top can be selected. -12an is desired now so iv added that as a option and it costs more for the larger bungs bought in a lower volume then the -10 i stock.. the fab is different too as i have to cut the hole larger for the 12an. Thanks and good luck out there!

This if for hardcore race applications its normal to weld two bungs to the valve cover. Those bungs unless custom are not baffled. These bungs will catch alot of oil. If you are going this route you will want the race catchcan as its volume is larger and intended for more airflow. Has bracket welded on back for easy install or new version with threaded bungs on back. Does not come with Neukin logo on front or top.
+$120 and it comes complete with: -10an fittings on top (2)-10an bungs for valvecover that you needed welded on -6an fitting on bottom for drain -6an cap for drain (2) 3ft sections of stainless line for -10 (4) -10 push on fittings for line (two 90 -10an push on fittings and two straight)

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